IPMT 5 Year programme

First year:

An introduction to methodology, diagnostics and treatment in Anthroposophic Medicine. Initial understanding of pathology and anthroposophic medications. Practical examples of how anthroposophic medical products are produced and how to work with them. Overview of the inner meditative path to understanding the human being in his/her dimensions of soul and spirit according to a concrete understanding of how self-healing processes can be stimulated by meditative work.

Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
Steiner, Rudolf: How to Know Higher Worlds – the Modern Path of Initiation. Anthroposophic Press, Hudson 1994 (vol. GA 10)
Steiner, Rudolf and Ita Wegman: Fundamentals of Therapy: An Extension of the Art of Healing through Spiritual-Scientific Knowledge. Mercury Press, Spring Valley 1999 (vol. GA 27)
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van Tellingen, Christa: Pharmacology. Selected topics from a phenomenological point of view. Bolk, revised reprint Driebergen 2011 http://www.louisbolk.org/downloads/1823.pdf

Second year:

Deeper insight into Goethean methodology, study of life processes, understanding the etheric body as a system of regeneration and life-giving functions and forces. Developing a concrete understanding of how thinking capacities and life processes interact and promote physical and spiritual health. Understanding a variety of single case studies and examples of disease management.


Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
Steiner, Rudolf: Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path – a Philosophy of Freedom. Anthroposophic Press, Hudson 1995 (vol. GA 4)
Steiner, Rudolf: An Outline of Esoteric Science. Anthroposophic Press, Hudson 1977 (vol. GA 13)
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Marti, Ernst: The Etheric. Broadening Science through Anthroposophy. Vol. 1: The World of the Ethers. Temple Lodge Press, Forest Row 2017
Ulrich, Josef: Unlocking Your Self-Healing Potential. A Journey Back to Health Through Creativity, Authenticity and Self-determination. Floris Books, Edinburgh 2018

Third year:

Soul Development. The healing impact of the arts, especially tone eurythmy, music, speech, painting and sculpture therapy. Psychotherapy, psychiatric disease management. Anthroposophic Medicine in medical specialties such as internal medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, intensive care, surgery and others. A cosmological understanding of the human being and the earth, projective geometry, using metals in treatment and working with medical meditations.

Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
Steiner, Rudolf: Education for Special Needs. The Curative Education Course. Rudolf Steiner Press, London 2015 (vol. GA 317)
Steiner, Rudolf: Eurythmy Therapy. Rudolf Steiner Press, London 2009 (vol. GA 315)
Steiner, Rudolf: Anthroposophical Spiritual Science and Medical Therapy. The Second Medical Course. Mercury Press, Spring Valley 1991 (vol. GA 313)
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Glöckler, Michaela and Wolfgang Goebel, Karin Michael: A Waldorf Guide to Children’s Health. Floris Books, Edinburgh 2018
Haas, Harald: Self-Doubt. Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Panic, and Fear. Threshold Experiences, Crises of the Soul and Healing on the Anthroposophical Path. Rudolf Steiner Press, London 2018
Hemmerich, Fritz Helmut: Handbook of Anthroposophic Gynecology. Mercury Press, Spring Valley 2007
Husemann, Armin J.: The Harmony of the Human Body. Musical Principles in Human Physiology. Floris Books, Edinburgh 2003
Schramm, Henning: The Healing Power of Planetary Metals in Anthroposophic and Homeopathic Medicine. Floris Books, Edinburgh 2014

Fourth year:

Understanding “the healer within”, the spiritual-salutogenic resource of the higher self. The spiritual law of reincarnation and karma and its relevance for illness and health. The inner and outer origins of physical and mental diseases. Meditations for patients. Research methodology, documentation according to academic standards. Anthroposophic Medicine in daily practice, hospitals, home care, etc.

Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
Steiner, Rudolf: Course for Young Doctors. 3rd rev. printing, Mercury Press, Spring Valley 1997 (vol. GA 316)
Steiner, Rudolf: Manifestations of Karma. Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1996 (vol. GA 120)
Steiner, Rudolf and Matthias Girke (ed.). Light – in Meditations by Rudolf Steiner. Medical Section at the Goetheanum 2018
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Selg, Peter: The Warmth Meditation. A Path to the Good in the Service of Healing. SteinerBooks, Great Barrington 2016
Vademecum of External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing: https://www.vademecum.org/

Fifth year:

Psychosocial pathology and therapy, the social dimensions of the doctor’s role and responsibility. The role of agriculture and economic life in the well-being of individuals and society at large. Education as preventive medicine, the pedagogic law, pastoral medicine, the esoteric foundation of professional life: professional life as service to humanity and the spiritual world. Daily life as a path of initiation. One of the fifth-year training weeks may be held at the Goetheanum, School of Spiritual Science, in Dornach, Switzerland.

Recommended reading for individual study and small group work:
Steiner, Rudolf: Broken Vessels. The Spiritual Structure of Human Frailty. Anthroposophic Press, Great Barrington 2004 (vol. GA 318)
Steiner, Rudolf: Agriculture Course. The Birth of the Biodynamic Method. Revised ed. Rudolf Steiner Press, London 2004 (vol. GA 327)
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Selg, Peter: Rudolf Steiner and the fundamental social law. The Work of the Individual and the Spirit of Community. SteinerBooks, New York 2012