International Postgraduate Medical Training Certification

International Criteria for Certification as Anthroposophic Physician

1. The basic condition for certification as an anthroposophic physician is a completed medical training (registration).

2. Evidence of at least one year’s full-time study of the basics in Anthroposophy and Anthroposophic medicine, or of part-time training for at least three years, or of comparable intensive private study, including long-distance learning.

3. Evidence of at least two years’ practical additional training at a hospital or clinic recognized by the Medical Association in the country concerned or by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, or in an Anthroposophic general/specialist practice, or in the applicant’s own practice with a mentor.

4. Submission of at least two documented case histories and evidence of a mentor discussion in which the applicant can demonstrate that he or she is able to handle the basics of Anthroposophic medicine. Independently and apart from this, the regulations agreed on by the relevant national Medical Association apply to the issuing of certificates. For colleagues in countries where adequate training facilities are not yet in place, a procedure has been established at the Medical Section at the Goetheanum for establishing an applicant’s qualification as an Anthroposophic physician and issuing a certificate.

5. Provisional regulations at the appropriate level are established by the different national Medical Associations.

6. Individual national Medical Associations can decide on the potential need for recertification.

7. These International Criteria have been passed by the representative body of the Boards of Anthroposophical Medical Associations on 20 September 2002 and confirmed by the International Federation of Anthroposophical Medical Associations / IVAA Council on 19 January 2003.

To find out more about certification in other professions (for therapists, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) please contact the coordinator. A list of international coordinators with email addresses is available at: