International Postgraduate Medical Training / IPMT

International courses towards certification as a Doctor of Anthroposophic Medicine

The International Postgraduate Medical Training (IPMT) was initiated in 2001 by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. It is offered as a series of international annual course weeks which for a licensed doctor can lead to certification as a Doctor of Anthroposophic Medicine after five years. In addition to attending five IPMT sessions, certification requires proof of two years’ practical work with the advice of a mentor, and two documented case histories.
The international training seminars have also developed into valuable training opportunities for people from other healing professions, including therapists, nurses and pharmacists. Certification is also possible in those fields.
The IPMT course is designed to focus primarily on practice in the morning sessions (eurythmy, goetheanistic nature exercises and work on the core literature), with the afternoons devoted to workshops on various subjects, and the evenings reserved for questions of medical ethics.
In 2020 IPMT sessions will be offered at 12 locations: Nakhon Nayok (Thailand), Nagano (Japan), Chestnut Ridge (USA), Masloc (Romania), Penang (Malaysia), Iloilo (Philippines), (Taiwan), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Beijing (China), Tultenango (Mexico), Tuluá (Colombia) and Calcutta (India).

Download the IPMT dates and course schedules for 2020 here (soon):  2020 pamphlet